Haunted House cleansing work
Haunted House cleansing work

We Clean A Haunted House  BY  Hammandoze Ever wished you had your own property & the freedom of a personal castle or  Build your dollhouse into a grand structure with these games, Your Ghost Stories, try one of the many escape games where the scene is set in a home or There are many different home 

Is your house haunted? Do you need haunted house cleansing? According to our psychic Mandoze, most homeowners call not because they’ve seen a ghost, but because they’ve experienced general negativity in their home an uptick in spousal arguments, a family pet suddenly changing character. More than anything else. “You feel sadness, anger, tiredness, arguments, animals acting up. And yet it may seem that the problem isn’t just interpersonal (or interspecies) relations.

“Sometimes something negative is attached to the home,” says a psychic medium in Randburg who calls himself Mandoze  and specializes in house blessings and clearings. “Maybe someone died there but hasn’t really moved away from the space that they call home.”

“I never felt comfortable in the house. I would wake up with scratches all over my arms,” she says. “I knew there was a spirit in my home and that—like many spirits—they were angry, confused, and didn’t know why they were still there.”

Classic haunted house stuff applies, too, such as doors opening and closing, lights flickering, or cold spots in the bedroom.

How does Haunted House cleansing work?

haunted house

Many use what they call “spirit guides.”

“I work with ancestors and spirits and angels, and I connect with them to help heal a home or a restless spirit,” says Mandoze. You might find him singing, drumming, or dancing to get in touch with them.

Mandoze says he also calls on the forces of nature, and I use air for the intellect, thought process, and organization,” he says. “Fire represents the passion, creativity, love, sex, and art, and Water is the emotions. And then I go into the earth, which is a sense of grounding.

We clean A haunted house

We stayed here for Memorial weekend 2014, and The Website advertises a list of what seems to be attractive options.

Lakeside beach (mud hole), Basketball court (parking lot w/ a crappy Walmart portable backboard), pool (small single-family pool at a side property), bathhouse (I'll address this later), game room

(four games, very basic)...the sites were adequate but the ground was far from level and very soft.

Bring plenty of cash because you're going to be nickel and dimed to death.

Even after the nightly fee of nearly twice Hocking Hills NP rates, and Fifth person on your site?

I was waiting for a fee to use the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom...the men's room had two showers and two toilets for I'm guessing roughly 100 sites.

We stayed three days and I cleaned the toilet twice.

Once, I'm assuming was a child with bad aim and the second time there was diarrhea sprayed everywhere.

Haunted House cleansing work
Haunted House cleansing work
Haunted House cleansing work
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