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Spirit Levels In the Afterlife, Much of what I know about the afterlife comes from a lifetime of communicating & working with spirits on the other side and I share my experiences or knowledge because I think it helps others gain deeper insight into the spirit world.


Much of what I know about the afterlife comes from a lifetime of communicating and working with spirits on the other side.  I share my experiences and knowledge because I think it helps others gain deeper insight into the spirit world.  I also think when we gain knowledge we release fears of the unknown.  Casting light on these topics dispels the dark veil that often hangs over them.  One of these gray shrouded topics involves the levels of spirits in the afterlife.

Many people hold the belief that when spirits cross, they automatically become God-like with omniscience and omnipotence.  This is not the case.  Spirit evolution takes time on the other side but it is a process initiated by the level of spirituality a person is at when he physically passes-on.  In other words, if someone had a substance abuse issue in life, he will not have a substance abuse issue on the other side, but he will have to work out the root of


Issue & continue to heal 

why he had the issue and continue to heal on the other side.

As you know from previous articles on this blog, if a person committed suicide (not to be confused with accidental overdose passing involving substance abuse), she may need to be crossed over because this type of soul can get lost in darkness and become Earthbound.  Once crossed, a suicide soul will go to a healing place on the other side. She will not have immediate access to the Earth plane.  In addition, if she were to visit through a medium, she would not be able to speak for herself, someone would speak on her behalf.  In time, as the soul heals she will granted additional rights to access her loves ones on Earth.  The rights of a suicide victim are limited not as a form of punishment but rather, so she can be concentrate on the deep healing of her own soul.

If a person was abusive and left the Earth plane without having worked out that issue, he will continue to resolve it on the other side.  He may need forgiveness from those he abused (particularly if they were members of his family), as part of his healing process.  This type of soul will not have the same rights and access to the Earth plane as someone who had a passing without any major issues.  The abuser will not be able to visit those on the Earth plane and demand their forgiveness; he needs to be invited back.

happens after we die

If someone passed of substance abuse, depending on the length of the substance issue on Earth, she will have to work the root cause out on the other side.  She may need apologize to those closest to her that she hurt with her abuse problem and she will have to resolve her issues, before she’s assigned a job on the other side.   As her soul heals, she will be granted access to visit her family and clear the energy between them.

Spirits who pass under ordinary circumstances such as illness, sudden accident, etc. who do not have the above listed issues to resolve, will have readily have access to the Earth plane and their loved ones. Often, they gain knowledge and information that they did not have when they were in physical form.   This doesn’t mean they won’t have minor issues to clear with family of friends, but they can resolve them through signs, symbols, and dream visits.

On the other side, our souls continue to evolve and grow.  Sometimes that involves clearing some of the energy they have with those on the Earth plane.  Once clear, the souls will be assigned jobs and continue to work on their spiritual paths on the other side. Our job levels are related to our soul levels. For example, some souls will cross those on the Earth plane, others may work in the transition area.  Some may be guides, while other higher souls work with the spirit guides of others.  The more we clear, the higher level our souls can attain.

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