Black Magic Spell to get revenge and Make your ex-lover suffer


Black Magic Spell to get revenge
and Make your ex-lover suffer

Have you been ditched or dumped by your lover? You are hurt… for you did everything you can to keep up to your love but still your ex-lover left you in pain. Your ex-lover fell in love with your closest friend or was cheating on you. Now is the time to take revenge, do not worry at all my friend, read my article below to find the black magic spell to get revenge and make your en-lover suffer for whatever he / she did with you.


You need a green color chalk, probably a dozen of them and half a dozen blue color chalk, around 29 dozen black rose petals and twenty nine dozen hibiscus petals, a bottle of rose water (concentrated one). Start by drawing a big hexagon on the floor of your room using the green color chalk, should be such made that when you stand inside the hexagon, then your shadow falls outside, on each tip of the hexagon light up green candles and cover the tip or the joint points with black rose petals.


In the middle of the hexagon where you would stand write the name of your ex-lover and keep his picture – make sure the picture used should have only your ex-lover and no one else with him / her, not even you along and should be a full length picture of your ex-lover.


As soon as it is dawn time, stand inside the hexagon and enchant the below written spell x times while crushing the name of your ex-lover and his picture, every time you rub one character from the name, you sprinkle a little rose water and hibiscus petals in the place of the rubbed off alphabet.


Now, the number of time you need to enchant the spell depends on the length of the full name of your lover, for example if your lover’s name is JOHN KNIGHT then you have to enchant the spell ten times. Also do keep in mind that since you would be doing this during the dawn hour, hence you need to be sure that your casting of spell and the ritual is over before the cock doodles.


If cock doodles and your spell is not over for any reason then you need to do the whole ritual all over again. On the third day from the day you would perform this spell, you will surely hear some news of your ex-lover which will let you know that your ex-lover is in pain or is suffering for something, might be health is down or might be financial loss, it can be anything that will take away his / her mental and or physical peace




Magic Spells open the door to the world of Love

Love thyself and the world will love thee. This is the simplest thing one can do to get the attraction from your loved one. It matters a lot when someone looks at you and you feel like that person just neglected you. Attraction is a quality that you can work upon as it is your inside and your outside personality that is in concern. Confidence is a technical quality which will surely lead you to directions in life. Right from your employer to people in regular day-to-day life, everyone will start paying attention towards you. Confidence should be build up within yourself by connecting to you inside. Do not try to copy someone or be someone else. That will result in losing your individuality. If you are bad at something then that does not mean that you have to be the good one. Stay with it and try to work upon it slowly.


Hesitation is the quality that is the biggest drawback in your life. How will you attract a person if you hesitate in talking or connecting to that person? Many times you may get the initial move from the person in front of you but you fail to create an impression yet again. Hesitation removal is a long process but will grant you the attraction magic spell. This is very simple and anyone could easily do this. Stand in front of the mirror and look in your eyes. Keep looking and try to have a positive feeling from inside. Don’t push yourself and be natural and this is where you will start building up your confidence. Soon you will smile and then after that you get eased up with yourself. As mentioned earlier that it is a slow process and takes a lot of time.


Wiccan world or the magical world of spells also helps you to make you attractive. Tired of trying to get your love back? Love spell can help you instantly in getting your love back. Natural ways will surely take a lot of time and with magic spells you can cut short the time span in a positive manner. All the love spells have one thing in common and that is to keep your lover in mind all the time. When you are using the magic spell to get your love back then it means that you have already known that person and got their love. Creating the impact, love spells not only revive the love between you and your love but intrinsically adapts to your love in giving you the most wonderful feeling you can ever get







Love spell to marry your lover

Thy love is thy destiny. When you want your love to stay forever in your life then you are thinking about marriage. Wicca world of magic has the perfect love spell to marry your lover and bless you with eternal happiness. Marriage is an institution where you keep learning the art of love all your life. Various phases of love will unfold in front of you when you are married to your love. They say that love gradually decreases when you are married but the fact is you get attached to the person you are married to in a manner that you cannot think of yourself individually.


Togetherness is the best blessing lovers can get. Love spells help you to get blessed when your thoughts and hearts are pure and filled with sacred love for each other. There are many people who like to cast this spell together with their partner respectively to overcome the negative approaches towards their marriage. This love spell is free from any kind of malice or manipulative enigma.

Marriage spell


Marriage spell : First phase is done and now moving to the next phase you need to perform this with your mind and soul within. Choose a time which will provide you a peaceful atmosphere. Take the paper and write on it the perfect words of love for your marriage with your lover. This will exclude the desires for sexual creed and any kind of selfishness. Next, you will light up a small fire, like campfire, nearby and sprinkle some moon incense in it. Read what you read 3 times and then keep it with yourself for three days even while sleeping. Keep it under the pillow and wherever you go.


Final step will require you to wear the wedding ring on the string whenever you are going to meet your lover to whom you want to get married. The parchment can be placed at a safe place after three days and soon you will get married to your love in a blissful way. Blessed by goddess of Love herself and Hermione everywhere from the world will be a part of your wedding.