Before going into depth  about psychic readingit is very important to understand to what is  a psychic reading 

What people in general understand the term “Psychic” means: A stranger who can tell them things about themselves that that person would not be able to know unless that person had special magical powers or skills that others don’t have.
The truth is that Psychic can mean many things. Included in the list are: Medium for the deceased, Angel Card or Tarot Card Reading, Channelling, Automatic Writing and the list goes on.
I am an INTUITIVE. I have developed this skill by working very closely with clients whilst being guided by the unseen and my own sixth sense for many years ie since 1980 which means I see IMAGES, WORDS or I SIMPLY have an instant knowing which reveals more about that which needs to be addressed.
I am able to ACCESS FINER DETAILS ACCURATELY down to how and exactly where and on what level of the MIND/ BODY/ SPIRIT said issue or blockage is affecting you. I am able to help you access finer details such as the relevant age, where you were, what type of event it was, what impact it had in terms of subconscious belief systems, the effect those had on what you attracted into your life and the way you lived and so on…
I am a highly sensitive EMPATH. Just in case you are unsure what that means: I can feel your feelings as if they are in that moment my own! The interesting thing is, that the feelings remain with me and shift until I have properly addressed and helped you move through the relevant issue and I have completed the release for my you if I am working via email, or, if working one on one, until I have guided you through the healing and release. This way I know whether that particular session is complete or not.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: I am able to help you work through the pain and form new subconscious beliefs as a natural result and you are then in a position where you begin to naturally attract a different quality of life and ultimately enables you to manifest a transformed life!
ONE-ON-ONE sessions take me 2 hours ea, whereas SKYPE sessions take 90 minutes and EMAIL readings and healings take 60 minutes.
For my ONE-ON-ONE and SKYPE sessions, I include EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE, EMOTION CODE and/or HYPNO-REGRESSION THERAPY as part of the actual healing work after accessing all required information.

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