Do Love Spells Work?

Hammandoze Juju the side of voodoo and Love Bring back lost lover+27662509969, powerful love spells, lost love spells, Love Spells To Bring Lost Love, Online Spell To Bring Ex‎, 100% love spells that work for - marriage relationship divorce Money spell caster, solve financial problems, money spells, black m, yes love spells do work but this does not mean that you should interfere with others reality. If you wish to cast a spell on a specific person to fall in love with you, whilst this person has no attraction to you romantically - energetically the two desires will clash. For example, this person has stated that they are not interested in you, you cannot make them change their minds or feelings towards you because their energies are not open towards the energy you will be directing at them within the spell. This is why a lot of the time love spells do not work.

However, if this person is open to love and being in a relationship - then yes you can interfere with others reality and their decision making as to who they want to be with. Does this mean you should? No. It is considered ethically wrong to ‘make’ someone ‘love’ you.

When you cast a love spell on a specific person you are altering their reality. You are creating a false perception within their minds that they are in love with you or want to be with you, when in reality they aren’t. If they truly did love you, you wouldn’t be casting a spell to make it so.

Generic love spells do not truly bring love. Love is built up over experiences together, time, arguments, and months to years of getting to know someones personality. Despite flaws and obstacles, you are still willing to stay with them because they are the only person you want. You cannot cheat that with magic. Sure, you can recreate it but it is not the same because it is not really love, you are just making someone believe that they love you.

Ethical Love Spells

1) Cast a spell which highlights feelings between you and another person, this is different from giving someone emotions which they do not feel otherwise, it is highlighting already existing ones. This could be used if you are openly dating someone, and they have multiple options of other people to become exclusive with. Or with an ex which has stated previously that they are open to getting back with you.

2) Cast a spell which make yourself glow towards others. This will make your personal energies attract more romantic relationships and attention. Others looking for relationships will be more drawn towards you, giving you more opportunities in dating. This is all about focusing on yourself, asking what you want in a relationship - and then possessing those qualities yourself in order to bring others with those qualities towards you. Self improvement and self love can help a lot.

3) Lastly, you can simply ask the universe that you are brought the right person, and over time can eventually develop mutual love and trust in a healthy relationship. You don’t know when this will happen, you don't know who it will be. It could be years away but if you put trust in the universe you will know when it has arrived. Tell the universe you are open to being in love!


BRAKE UP SPELLS Break Up Spells Normally, it is our mission to promote relationships, not dissolve them.
But over the many years of assisting our clients, it is apparent that some couples simply do not belong together.
If it is clear that two people were “not” destined to be a couple in the first place, it would be better for all involved for their relationship to end as quickly as possible.
With that in mind, there is no stronger spell for dissolving a relationship than the Couple Disintegration spell.
This spell should be cast if most of the following is true:
    This couple is together for the wrong reasons.
    They are not meant to be together.
    One or both of them have been dishonest in their true feelings for each other.
    This relationship will cause more pain than love.
    Cracks in their relationship are already becoming evident.
    Another person has been incredibly hurt by their pairing.
    You know eventually they will part, and you simply wish to expedite the process.