There  are 4 Psychic chief mandoze  healing courses.Mandozehealing courses are taught by  max mancer on  skype .(please Note:They are not taught in person,they  are only taught  on skype).They  are taught to  student individually . Each  course  is 2 day long.each course is done on  2 consecutive day.Each day is 6 hours long plus 1  hour rest break at the 3 hour mark on each day.(each 2 Day course is 12 hours of total course time)THE 4 course can done on weekends over a month for individual students or  they can  be done consecutively with 1 or 2  days break between each the  4 course  can  be completed  within 12-16 days which is great for people that want to do all of  them  within  a holiday time frame .you must  purchase and do at least one Heading Session with Mandoze before you purchase a Heading Course. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds, no scheduling of course dates. See our great testimonials. Thank you. Please note that you can do the courses right now as an individual On Skype. You can also do the courses at a time and date that is suitable for you. After you have done the 4 Courses once, then you can redo any of the courses at any time, at the lower Repeat Price of $449 for each individual course, instead of the original price.

We recommend that you do the 4 Mandoze healing courses and become a master to fully benefit from all the information and learning. 

If you want to do the courses, please do all 4 courses, to get the full effect and the full learning. Individuals who have completed the 4 courses, actually experience the most powerful healing on themselves and others.


Course Dates


Mandoze Course 1 - level 1 Practitioners Course

(Done on Skype) there is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.           =$599

Mandoze Course 2 - level 2 Practitioners Course

(Done on Skype) there is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.          =$599

Mandoze Course 3 - level 3 Practitioners Course

(Done on Skype) there is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.         =$599

Mandoze Course 4 - level 1 Masters Course

(Done on Skype) there is no set date. You can do the course now when you are ready.         =$599 

Purchase The 4 Chief Mandoze Healing Courses in one payment 1,2,3,4                          =$2396

The Benefits of doing the courses are:

1. You will become good enough at healing yourself completely. You won't need to see other for help aver again. You will become a master of improving yourself, helping yourself and evolving yourself. You will be self reliant and empowered.

2. You will learn properly. Students receive quality focused time and attention from the teacher. No distractions.

3. The courses can be done at a date and time that is suitable to you. They are done on Skype from comfort of your own home.


4. You will feel confident in your ability to heal others. You will be able to have healing clients of your own and earn income as a healer.


Become A Certified Best sangoma  Healer

Are you looking for an internationally recognized qualification that will allow you to start a professional healing practice?

Maybe you're a yoga instructor, coach, counselor, nurse, therapist or medical practitioner who sees immense value in adding energy healing to the services you offer, helping your clients create massive breakthroughs.

Maybe you're new to PRCM healing and feel the call to fulfill a higher purpose.

Whatever the reason, we both know the Universe has led you here for a reason. 

I'm chief mandoze Leigh and I created the online PRCM Healing Practitioner Course to support Lightbeings like YOU reveal and share your unique healing gifts and abilities with the world, for the greater good of all.

I'm blessed to share with you a practical, online energy healing training course that not only teaches you the principles of energy healing, but also supports you on your own healing journey.