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Are you heartbroken? Want to reunite with lover? Attract lover or want partner to be faithful to you. Your worries end at this page itself.

This page is the ultimate free love spells page and gets more than thousand hits per day. The love spells you will get here are easy to cast and don't need impossible materials or ingredients to be used which would make casting free love spells almost impossible.

My free love spells will give exceptional results and I promise you that these love spells are the most effective ever. Don't shy away from casting these free spells.The free love spells you see are arranged randomly. I have made love spells on black magic, white magic, voodoo and egyptian magic.I give assurance to each caster of these free love spells that none shall be left disappointed or left empty handed.


The fastest acting love spell is here for free. This spell can be used to reunite with husband/lover, ignite love in partner's heart or to find a soul mate. The technique to cast this spell is simple and without any materials.

Wash yourself well, wear clean clothes and apply some alcohol free incense to your clothes. Incense perfume will create the ambience required to cast the spell. It's a very important step which can never be neglected.

Standstill in one corner of the room and hold a rosary in your right hand to chant the spell hundred times.


Do this spell daily at anytime till your wish is fulfilled. I would suggest using this spell in the evenings but before midnight.



Free love spells chants are slowly gaining popularity because they are easy. Keeping in mind the popularity of the love spells chants; I have decided to put the best love spell chant on this page.


The best part of this chant is that there is no technique required. Use this love spell chant as many times as you want. The more you chant the better for you.

No rules and no limits. This love spell chant is for all love matters.


This spell is ideally used to control a partner/husband/wife. Stops partner from cheating and increases love in a marriage/relationship.

Time to use this spell is early morning under open sky between 4am to 6am. Don't use this spell before or after the said timings, it won't work.


a) In the morning find a tree, stand in front of it and chant the spell sixty two times.

b) Take a thin green ribbon and tie it around the tree.

c) Pour water on that tree.

d) From start to end maintain the intention in mind for which you are using the spell.

This spell is to be used only once and not repeatedly. One day usage of this spell is good enough.



Black magic is quick and delivers first hand absolute results. Used by thousands daily. This spell is used for everything, issues, matters related with love/lover/partner/husband/wife.

a) Take a lemon and on it script this spell only one time.


b) Cut the lemon in two halves and with a marker on both the inner sides of the lemon write the name of partner.

c) Join the lemon back and tie it with a black thin ribbon making sure the lemon is intact well.

d) Store the lemon at home till your wish is fulfilled which will get fulfilled in quick time.

From start to end maintain the intention in mind for which you are using this spell.

This black magic love spell will solve all love issues.

The spell is used to bond with partner, make partner love you and to make partner stop cheating on you.


Chant the spell three hundred times every day till your partner shows full commitment and starts showering you with eternal love.

No harm in casting the spell every day. Best time to use the spell is early morning or late evening



Now here is a spell that is mysterious and works every single time. Don't ask me much about this spell because I never like to discuss my work. It's a spell used by plenty daily.

Chant the spell one hundred times on any food item and then make any animal/pet eat that food item. Any food item will do in small quantity.


From start to end keep the intention in your mind and heart and imagine the person for whom you are doing this spell. The person will become yours.

Use this spell in the evening and only for one day.

This spell is for attraction. Use the spell to attract a single person.

I am outlining the method to use this spell. It's a simple love spell and the conversion rate of this spell is truly amazing.

a) First step is to imagine the person who needs to be attracted in mind and heart.

b) Chant the spell seventy times. "PEHAL PEHAL MEKHUS KASRE"

c) Go out in the open and tie a thin red ribbon around a tree.

d) Pour some water on the tree.

e) From start to end of using this spell, imagining the person who needs to be attracted is vital.

This spell has to be done for 3 days. I recommend using this spell at night.

The spell creates very strong attraction and the person will get attracted to you greatly. Take it forward from here.

Use the spell if you have lost love for any reason. There are so many reason therefore I have said any reason or reasons. Reasons could range from simple quarrels to serious divorces. This lost love spell works for all love related problems.

Chant the spell hundred times for thirty nights only. Start after


Stand in anyone corner of your home and do the spell. Use the same corner to stand everyday for casting the spell and one cannot change corners.

Take a rosary or a counter to chant the spell. Chanting the spell less or more than hundred times makes the spell ineffective which is why I mention the use of rosary or counter.

With immense concentration start with the spell from day one to day thirty and on the thirtieth day the spell casting completes. Whatever the love problem is will end in your favor like you want it to be miraculously.


Use the spell if you want to break a relationship for reasons best known to you.

Cast the spell for three days and not more.


Write the name of a couple for whom you are casting the spell on a paper one below the other.

Concentrate on the names and chant the spell twenty five times and then keep the paper in a clean place.

Next day follow the above procedure.

In due course the couple will breakup.



Use the spell if you have broken up with partner and want to reunite and get back together. It's easy to breakup and very hard to reunite but one must not worry because this is one of the best reuniting love spell ever.

Method to cast this spell is relatively simple, you just need a picture of you and your partner together to use and cast this spell.

Use this spell for three nights only.


Concentrate on the picture immensely and chant the spell three hundred times.

You will reunite with your partner guaranteed.

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