The Beauty Spells on hammandoze.com  pages are pretty powerful and Since these spells are all somewhat similar be sure you cast the correct and through the description of each spell until you find the one which is right for you.

If you choose the incorrect spell  from Mandoze the desired effects may not appear and other effects may,  If you attempt to cast another spell within a short period of time you may negate some effects of the first spell, but not others and  The time it takes for a spell to wear off naturally depends on the strengths of the ingredients and caster.

Beauty Spells done on yourself by yourself can not be removed by yourself. Keep that in mind when casting these spells.

Beauty Spells

Beauty Spells

Beauty spells...ever popular, cravingly desired and cherished! 

Although witches can often have a very poor stereotyped image of a gnarled old troll of a woman complete with warts and other awful distortions, nothing could in fact be further than the truth!

As we all know, witches walk amongst us in every facet of life and especially as women primarily but also as a witch, do we not deserve to feel pretty, beautiful and desired? Beauty spells are used by many and are as old as vanity and femininity itself!

Beauty Spells Uses

Beauty spells have a variety of uses that range from becoming beautiful to holding on to that beauty once you have it. Spells to increase beauty also are intended for the inside as well as the outside! Beauty Spells

Here for you now, I have a selection of some of my most favorite beauty spells. I hope you enjoy them and they provide you with everything you need!

My Favorite Beauty Spells…

This first one is very simple and aims to “work” on one particular body part or aspect at a time.

Beauty Spells

This spell will require a mirror and also a picture of the feature you are trying to change about yourself. The picture should also be cut out. For example, if you are wanting to change your nose then the picture should only be of your nose.

On the night of a full moon, go outside and place the picture on to the mirror. Concentrate on the picture and say out loud the following spell a total of three time